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Drunken Monkey Society

The Drunken Monkey Society is a community where people can come to hang out, talk, and discuss their favorite spirits. We appreciate a good beer, wine, or cocktail. These are to be appreciated with friends, family, significant others, or new acquaintances. We all know that from time to time people consume a bit too much. Maybe not intentionally but it happens. The Drunken Monkey Society would like to remind everyone that taking the high road and calling an UBER for a ride is the DMS way. Everyone has either known someone or has had someone in their family or circle of friends that has made mistakes with alcohol that cost them dearly. Whether it be a motor vehicle accident, abuse, or addiction these take away from everyone around them. That is why we are donating a percentage of proceeds at the 50% sales mark as well as 3% from all 3D beers, wine, and shots will be donated to charities that help victims of alcohol abuse. We find it very important to give back. So, enjoy friends and share some stories but remember to be responsible and stay safe out there. Always respect your Neighbor.

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Liquidity pool activated. 3% of all transactions will go into the liquidity pool. Only 4,000 V2 Drunken Monkeys will be produced..

Monkey 1

Give away 2500 3D beers. These will be important later in the life cycle of the Drunken Monkey Society. Rules to the 3D Drunken Monkeys will be revealed.

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Development of the 3D spirits of the 7 elders will begin. We will donate $50k to charities for victims of Drunk Driving.

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We will be doing a discord giveaway for 10 Drunken Monkey Society NFT’s

Monkey 4

Online store fully open with merchandise. Drunken Monkey Society will deposit $50k into the liquidity pool.


An Ancient Story Forgotten:

In a poker game long ago, Jose Cuervo won The Royal Crown from King Milagro. He brought it back through the Highland Mist, of Heradura, Mexico. The Drunken Monkeys and Yukon Jack learned all about it at the Woodford Reserve Ranch, from Don Julio. They decided to hit the rails at Sundown, and set out to capture the Royal Crown. Early morning, later that week, Captain Morgan and Remy Martin called a meeting at the Belvedere court house in Mt. Gay Everyone wanted to hear what sheriff Werthers, and Johnny walker had to say. When Johnny read a letter from his cousin, Jim beam, Old jack turned black, And his brother turned green. It said Yukon Jack and the Drunken Monkeys were coming into town with the Seagrams 7’s gang. And they’de be arriving at 1:51 On the Glenlevit train. And, they were chasin’ Cuervos Gold! Now Cuervo was a gambler from East Bombay, who Fell in love with Brandy, the queen of Mt. Gay. She was Absolute Southern Comfort, with a smile as bright as bright as the Northern Lights. Her skin was smooth as Black Velvet, and she was as sweet as Grenadine and Lime Later that night, there was a two fingered card game at the Wild Horse Saloon. The Drunken Monkeys, Cuervo, Yukon, and Jameson were amongst the few. Cuervo won the card game, but the Drunken Monkeys walked out, Head High with the prize. They Captured the Royal Crown AND Brandy with two smokin’ Colt 45’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Drunken Monkey is unique and programmatically generated from quality traits, including backgrounds, skins, eyes, disguises, accessories...


What is an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” and is a cool way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs main function are to be digital art and look cool, some offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or participation in an event, think of it like a rare piece of art that can also act as a “members” card.


What is Drunken Monkey Society (DMS)?

The Drunk Monkey Society, NFT Club: Our mission is to bring together people from all corners of the world over a few key common interest. NFT’s, Loyalty, and Alcohol. We are creating a community inspired/driven Drunken Monkey Society Beer Company. The Mentioned Beer Company would forever Donate 3% of all net income into the Drunken Monkey Society NFT liquidity pool, growing the baseline value of your NFT. If you earn your way into becoming one of the seven elders (see FAQ’s), you will become one of the Board Members to the Drunken Monkey Society Beer Co. and be invited to an all inclusive trip to when we purchase our recipe. All 3d NFT Members (counsel members) and above (see FAQ’s) will forever have voting rights within the community. The Recipe will be licensed out to different Microbrewery’s. Once Licensing deals are in place, the Recipe itself will be put into a NFT and auctioned back to DMS NFT holders only. Whoever owns the recipe, owns full rights to all of DMS Beer Co. and its licensing deals already in place. This will be the worlds first NFT Community inspired beer company with their very own Beer Recipe. Great Friends are made over a few beers, Relationships are created by fine wine, and good liquor can stop a war. Together we will create something valuable for all Drunken Monkey NFT Holders


What are the benefits of being A member in the Drunken Monkey Society NFT club?

Outside the social element, the DMS NFT club carries a liquidity pool. This pool is contributed too on every sale of the NFT, 3D beers, wine glasses, shots, and any merchandise sold. DMS will also contribute a percentage when any merchandise is purchased. This is designed to keep and drive the value up for the NFT. Most countries cannot do the same.


What is the Minting Price for a DMS NFT?

0.08 ETH + ETH Gas fees. A Metamask wallet is required for purchase in Ethereum.


What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint a DMS NFT. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here! Metamask.io


What are the total number of DMS NFTs?

10,000 will be produced. 100 will be withheld for marketing purposes and as giveaways.


Will there be giveaways?

Yes! We have marked 2,500 3D beers to be given away at 25% sales. The remained will be for sale at the bar. We will also be launching DMS swag, so stay tuned for some giveaways.


What are the 3D Beers?

3D beers along with wine glasses and shot glasses are available for purchase. Once 10 beers, or 7 glasses of wine, or 3 shots of liquor have been purchased, this allows you to make your DMS into a 3D DMS.


What are the 3D Counsel Members?

Council Members are voting members in the DMS. You can achieve this by having a 3D DMS or one of the 7 elders. Only 6,666 DMS NFT ‘s will be available to change into 3D.


How do I become a 3D council member?

You can achieve this by having a 3D DMS or one of the 7 elders. Only 6,666 DMS NFT‘s will be available to change into 3D.


What are the 3D spirit elders?

The 7 spirit elders will be the leading faction of the DMS. They will be the controlling group with the beer recipe or private labeling. The 3D members will also get a vote.


How do I become one of the 3D spirit elders?

7 elders will be offered for sale after any member has converted their nft to 3D DMS.


Who is behind the Drunken Monkey Society project?

The founding members are 3 individuals that have come together to start a community that allows people to hang out and enjoy an online adult beverage. The hope is having a fun place for members to go and talk and enjoy themselves.


When will the Drunken Monkey Society have their own beer recipe?

The DMS team is currently researching opportunities for purchasing a recipe. This cannot be any beer recipe but something that the members would enjoy. We realize everyone has a type of beer they prefer. That is why research is critical.

Mint Them All!


Monkey 1

Loves Dogs, has a fishing problem

Monkey 2

Overthinker, Triathlete, probably outside

Monkey 3

Waiting on the world to catch up

Monkey 3

Could have been a comedian